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    Digital Packages

    If you are looking for digital solutions, we have an option that is just right for your needs and budget.

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    Senior Newsletter

    Review our senior newsletter for further information on what to expect during your high school senior portrait experience.

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    1 Full-Resolution Electronic Image Print Release Yearbook Submission $197


    3 Full-Resolution Images Print Release Yearbook Submission $497 SOCIAL 9 Full-Resolution Electronic Images Print Release Yearbook Submission $997  


    Additional full-resolution electronic images are available with any digital package.

    Each Additional = $97

    Print Release

    All purchased electronic images are provided at full-resolution and include a print release. Your print release grants permission to reproduce an unlimited number of prints or any items, at any size, through the vendor of your choice.

    Receive 50% OFF All Print Products with any Package Purchase.

  • Senior Portraits Welcome Guide
    Welcome to your Senior Year of High School!  It’s an exciting time for every senior – with your head full of dreams, thoughts of the future and the excitement of being on your own. It’s all about you.

    Learn more about Roxanne Knight Photography

    The Senior Portrait Experience

    We will capture it. Every senior we get the opportunity to work with is truly unique. As we document this important time of your life, your session will be all about having fun and allowing your personality to shine. We create artistic portraits through the vision of our lens. We’ll capture your essence, find your emotions and personal style. Serious, smiling and everything in between. Getting to know you is part of the deal – that’s when the magic begins. Understanding your ideas, personality and what inspires you is when the real magic begins! We have many options for you to choose from and will find the perfect backdrop or remote venue to match your style. You’ll enjoy the experience! STEP 1 Book your Photo Shoot and provide session fee payment, including hair & makeup. Review this Roxanne Knight Welcome Guide. STEP 2 Visit the Studio for your pre-shoot consultation to discuss clothing selections and potential locations to reinforce your personal style. Book your no-obligation studio tour & consultation. STEP 3 Feel amazing as you are pampered and enjoy your Photo Shoot! Setup your Reveal / Ordering Session before you leave. STEP 4 Visit the Studio for your Reveal / Ordering Session. We’ll walk your through the selection process and ordering. STEP 5 You will be contacted when your order is available for pickup – typically 2-3 weeks.

    About Roxanne Knight

    Hello, I’m Roxanne! I’m a photographer, mom, wife and sister. I prefer salt over sugar & am told I have an unhealthy obsession with Sharpie markers. When I’m not in the studio or taking pictures for my clients, you will find me on a sports field somewhere cheering & shooting our high school sports teams. Graduating from high school is one of the first major milestones in a young person’s life – it’s a big deal. I pride myself on tailoring my photography to fit your style and personality – expressing to the world the unique individual you have become. I truly enjoy working with high school seniors and I’m thrilled you’re considering making Roxanne Knight Photography your senior photography studio. As a leading photographer, I am committed to providing you with a photography experience like no other. We keep up with the latest trends and listen to what our teen clients envision for their photo shoot. You are guaranteed stunning senior portraits that will last a lifetime. I’m excited and look forward to getting to know you soon, Roxanne Knight, Photographer

    Behind the Scenes

    You’ll be relaxed and have a fun time. This type of atmosphere makes you comfortable and will guarantee you LOVE your portraits. We get out of the studio and visit amazing locations, and always have a great time. This is what it looks like, but let’s talk about styling YOUR senior shoot. Are you envisioning something classic and timeless? Elegant and eye-catching? Chic and sleek? Fun and carefree? Is there a special spot, a favorite color or a unique theme that sums you up? Your senior photos are images you’ll cherish forever. We’re here to do whatever it takes to make your experience and portraits as special as you are.

    Senior Session Details / Sitting Fees

    All Sessions Include
    • Images that reflect your personality & unique style
    • Pre-shoot studio tour & consultation
    • Studio photos with a variety of modern, fun sets & unique sets and backgrounds
    • Fun & unique sets and backgrounds
    • Premier reveal & ordering session
    I Want It Session $97 Your ‘I Want It’ session includes:
    • 30 minute photo shoot
    • 1 – 2 outfit changes
    I Need It Session $247 Our most popular session includes:
    • 90 minute photo shoot
    • 3 – 4 outfit changes
    • Outdoor studio images
    • Musical instrument, sports uniform & pet as desired
    I Gotta Have It Session $397 Your ultimate photo session includes:
    • 3 hour photo shoot
    • Unlimited outfit changes
    • Professional, on-site hair, makeup & touch ups
    • Variety of looks & styles
    • Indoor / outdoor studio images
    • On-location destination as determined
    • Musical instrument, sports uniform and pet as desired
    Sports Add-On $97 This unique highlight of your sports career includes:
    • On-location destination as desired
    • Fun & unique effects as discussed
    • Collage creation fee
    • May be purchased as a stand-alone session


    We’re going to make you look great, that’s why you chose Roxanne Knight Photography. Your role is to relax – and we’ll help you with all the details as well as natural posing. have fun. relax. be bold. be you. Complexion All of your photos will be retouched, so please don’t be concerned about breakouts. We have you covered! If your acne is more severe, you’re still okay. We’re happy to make sure you look your best with additional retouching. Friends & Parents Your friends and parents are welcome to attend your photo shoot and often can be of help. However, if they are a distraction, it may be best to meet them when the session is over. You’re welcome to have a couple of shots with a girlfriend, best friend, sibling or parent at no extra charge. Weather Don’t worry about clouds because they actually even out the light and make for ideal shooting conditions. But, falling rain is an issue and we’ll have to reschedule. We will try to contact you first, but please call if you have doubts or concerns @ 920.366.2424. Props They’re great! Bring props that help show who you are. Some popular choices are:
    • Sports equipment (football, basketball, baseball bat, etc.)
    • Sports uniforms
    • Musical instruments
    • Activity related items (dance, art school clubs, etc.)
    • Your furry friend
    Ladies Hello Ladies! Your images will be a true reflection of you. The camera picks up everything. Here’s a few things to remember when planning for your photo shoot.
    • Get plenty of sleep the night before. Tired and baggy eyes show up in final images.
    • Apply your makeup as you normally wear it. Don’t try something new.
    • Bring at least 2 outfits. Most senior girls change into 3 or 4 outfits during their session. Select a wardrobe that can coordinate together. (EX: pants that work with 2 or 3 different shirts)
    • Watch for bra straps and don’t wear a dark bra under light-colored shirts.
    • Make sure your finger and toe nails are freshly painted or not at all. Basic or neutral tones work best.
    • Wear heels, pumps or boots. Weather they be plain, sassy, dressy or casual – heels make you stand out and look glamorous.
    We’re excited and can’t wait to get started planning your session. Guys Hey Guys – In general, young men are more laid back when in comes to having their senior portraits taken. Get ready for your portrait session like you’re planning to meet someone important.
    • Consider getting a haircut a week or at least a few days before the session. No ‘bed-head’. Come to your session shaven. We promise it will grow back. HINT: shaving the night before will reduce razor burn.
    • Clean up those eye brows – the can be distracting. It makes your images look cleaner and makes a difference in the overall appearance.
    • Guys don’t want to change a bunch of times, but variety is good. Bring more than you expect to use. This provides us with options to accompany different backgrounds. Dress shirts should be ironed.
    • It’s okay to have Mom or other girls help you in choosing your attire.


    We’ve truly enjoyed working with all of our seniors and parents over the years. Please check out our reviews and testimonials online. Check out our online reviews: Google | Facebook CLICK HERE to check out what we’ve done for other seniors in our Senior Portraits Gallery Sunflower Portraits Don’t forget about our legendary Sunflower Portraits. We expect the ‘patch’ to be in bloom starting near the end of July. And yes, your senior session can include our ever-popular sunflower portraits. We wish you congratulations throughout your senior year. It will be the best yet. Your senior photos are all about you. Let’s discuss your ideas. We’ll customize a shoot that is as unique as you are.

    CLICK HERE to Learn More & Book Your Session Today!

  • Santa Sessions
    [su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/7nXinBa9oMg”] 2019 was our best year yet. Thank you to all of our families that joined Santa to create unforgettable portraits with Roxanne Knight Photography. Happy New Year!
  • Sunflower Portraits by Roxanne Knight Photography

    Thank you for your interest in Sunflower Portraits by Roxanne Knight Photography.

    FYI: We anticipate the field will be blooming the last week of July, 2020.

    Our sunflower field is perfect for all types of photography.

    High School Seniors | Family & Children | Engagement & Maternity or . . . just for Fun!

    If you can think it, we can do it. And, it will be a good time. All sessions are 30 minutes and each package provides our best quality printed products. Your images will be uploaded to an online gallery for you to select your images(s).

    Sunshine Session $247

    Includes: Session Fee and (1) High-Quality Digital Download. Includes print release allowing unlimited print rights.

    Sunglow Session $497

    Includes: Session Fee and (3) High-Quality Digital Downloads. Includes print release allowing unlimited print rights.

    Sundance Session $997

    Includes: Session Fee and (10) High-Quality Digital Downloads. Includes print release allowing unlimited print rights.

  • 2019 High School Senior Portraits – Senior Influencers
    [su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/WuTjHw6K4QY”]