FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

We’re going to make you look great, that’s why you chose Roxanne Knight Photography. Your role is to relax – and we’ll help you with all the details as well as natural posing.

All of your photos will be retouched, so please don’t be concerned about minor breakouts. We have you covered! If your acne is more severe, you’re still okay. We’re happy to make sure you look your best with additional retouching.

Friends & Parents
Your friends and parents are welcome to attend your photo shoot and often can be of help. However, if they are a distraction, it may be best to meet them when the session is over. You’re welcome to have a couple of shots with a girlfriend, best friend, sibling or parent at no extra charge.

Don’t worry about clouds because they actually even out the light and make for ideal shooting conditions. But, falling rain is an issue and we’ll have to reschedule. We will try to contact you first, but please call if you have doubts or concerns @ 920.366.2424.

They’re great! Bring props that help show who you are. Some popular choices are:
– Sports equipment (football, basketball, baseball bat, etc.)
– Sports uniforms
– Musical instruments
– Activity related items (dance, art school clubs, etc.)
– Your furry friend