Prepare for Appointment / FAQ

Thank you choosing Roxanne Knight Photography for your Santa Session photography. We’re not just photographers – we create art. We always intend to provide a unique experience and the best quality products that you, and your family, will enjoy for generations.

Please review the following information as it will likely answer many of the questions you may have.

Who is included in the Santa Session?

  • Your entire immediate family is welcome to join in the experience. Also, we are happy to take family pictures during your session.

What should my child wear?

  • Simple, solid colors, rather than complex prints, will help give a timeless feel to your photos. This will also ensure the focus will be on your family rather than their clothing.
    • Vintage-feel type clothing is always appropriate and helps incorporate a nostalgic feel to the images.
    • Pajamas for both boys and girls, with slippers or bare feet, is always great.
    • Dressed-up attire is always appropriate. Boys in collared ironed shirts and girls in dresses.

How should we prepare?

  • Haircuts should be done a few weeks before your session.
  • It’s important to make sure all members of your family follow a ‘theme’ in your choices of color and apparel-style.

What’s included in my session?

  • Your families / child’s private time with Santa.
  • Unique backgrounds and props that have been selected for this holiday season.
  • Feel free to bring your personal props for the session.
  • Your Santa photographs will be transformed into unique works of fine art.
  • After your session, you will be setup with a return appointment to view selected photography & artwork.
  • Your deposit holds your session date & time.

Are you equipped for special needs?

  • Yes, our studio is wheelchair accessible.
  • Constant lighting is used rather than flash photography that may upset.
  • We are happy to adjust time to make sure your child is not rushed during their session.

We welcome your ideas.

  • Please let us know if you’d like Santa to mention special events, milestones or something unique to your child during the Santa Session.

What makes Roxanne Photography unique?

  • Our sets & props: We spend months planning, creating and setting up for our Santa Sessions. Each set is unique.
  • Your Experience: We do our best to keep your family comfortable and excited with this fun, interactive experience. A relaxing atmosphere allows us to engage participants and create natural reactions.
  • Our Fine Art: We will provide a selection of art pieces for you to select from. Our technical expertise is added to every finished piece.

Personal photography & video is NOT permitted in the studio. Thank you for your support.